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I am indulging in loads of shopping these days as the wedding date is approaching fast and I am planning to finish the shopping as soon as possible. When I go out to shop I always come home with atleast one pair of shoes, may be obsessed with shoes. 😉 With all my experience I have gained from Ritcha’s wedding shopping I do try to help all the would be brides for same. This time I am here with a guide on how to chose a perfect footwear for your special day. 

Footwear is one of the most important accessory and necessity while dressing up. Be it for a bride or near and dear ones. But for a bride, it is one of the most important aspects of dressing up as everybody’s eyes are on her – be it dress, jewellery, accessories, mehendi or footwear. Footwear gives a definition to your personality and posture while adding on to those extra inches to your height and changing your complete persona. Your shoes say a lot about you.
For instance, if you go for a pair of shoe that is stylish but you are not comfortable in it and it is visible then it’s a sign that you are not comfortable with yourself. If you are the one who can’t carry those pointed sky high heels, then what’s the use of hurting your dear feet, after all your feet carry your whole weight. Be kind with your feet and go for wedges or pumps instead or you can also go for block heels.

Customized Shoes

You should be delighted to know that the concept of customized shoes is in vogue these days and many brides are going for the trend. These are so similar to your outfit and everything seems like customized or you can go for a shoe you dream of, if you like Swarovski, ribbons, thread work or pearls, it all depends on your personal choice.

Bridal Footwear

How to chose a perfect shoe for wedding:
     1.Today’s bride is confident and she just wants to be comfortable in her shoes as everybody knows that a bride has to keep standing for a long time in her wedding and it may include some dancing too. So you may go for wedge or block  heels, there are many type of wedge heels available in market these days. And these are best for reception too.


Bridal Customized Footwear

·        2. It’s always better to get a shoe which is quite resembling to your outfit, be it with work or colour. It will give your attire a more customized look.
·        3. As Indian brides already carry a heavy outfit, they should go for lighter shoes and laser cut uppers with Swarovski look better than those embroidery ones.
·      4.  For other functions like sangeet, don’t go for sky high heels as it will include more of dancing so just rock the floor with a 3” inches heel, as these are quite stable.
·         5. For engagement or cocktail you can go for peep toes or you may experiment with heels. Peep  toes look best with gowns.
·         6. Also shop shoes for your honeymoon, as most gals forget this and after wedding you don’t have time to shop for shoes. So better buy in advance depending upon the place you will be going and it should be comfortable, as honeymoon does include romantic walks and trips. 


Honeymoon footwear


    7. While leaving for your honeymoon, do keep a pair of heels for that romantic candle light dinner. 😉


Don’t go for the most glamorous pair of shoes for your wedding. I have seen a few brides who opted for those glittery high heels and were literally crying as they were not even able to walk properly in those shoes. And they had to change it at the end moment. So whatever type of shoe you have bought for your wedding, do practice walking in it a few times prior to the wedding, at least walk at your home wearing these and let your feet be comfortable in it. Yeah…. Don’t let them spoil your d-day 😉
Now, to please your eyes, I have compiled some beautifully amazing footwear which will give you a decent idea to make up your mind for your preferences. Do check these beauties out :).
So So So ….. overdose haan!!
Lovely? Want to own loads of them or have a particular choice!! Don’t worry. All is available on web these days. Search and find your choice 😉 Own a pair and feel happy 🙂
Be Beautiful
Lotsa love
Charu 🙂

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