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Heya Lovelies 🙂
Summers arriving and so the dressing up time.

celebrity dress

Its every girl’s dream to look her best all the time and a perfect dress can really make her look like a princess. When I was a kid I used to imagine myself wearing one of those gowns which I used to see in fairytales and then there was no end for that imagination. But I never thought that there will be a website like  which has all type of gowns and dresses I fantasized of and used to see in fairytales. A graceful gown can turn any girl into a diva, a princess and makes her feel really special.
What kind of dress you choose depends on your personal choice and for what occasion you want it. I personally love celebrity dresses and when they come so cheap, who wouldn’t want to wear the same one, that our favourite actress wore in Oscars ;). Anyways, we are going to wear that same dress only once or twice. So, there is no reason of spending fortunes on it. is one such platform, an amazing online website, where you can find all sort of affordable gowns or dresses for various occasions like prom, wedding, bridesmaid, celebrity style, cocktail, evening dresses etc. Here, you get all the lovely colours, all pretty designs, all sizes and patterns. You can choose colour based dresses like all pink or red dresses. Also, you can have all lace patterns or backless dresses, vintage dresses or graduation dresses and sequins too. All such options are available at a simple click.

celebrity dress
celebrity dress

All of the dresses can be custom made in any colour and any size you would like! While ordering online, a major concern is sizing whether the dress will fit or not. But here, there is no such problem. They have a nice and elaborate size chart which is very handy. There is a ‘Live Chat’ option available in case you wish to enquire about some particular stuff. Now, that is also very helpful.
Ok. Now a first.
Choosing a dress and buying is another thing. But how would you like if you could choose the fabric and colour of your favourite dress. In that way, you would be copying your celebrity but with a change in colour and fabric, you will be making your own style statement too. Isn’t that awesome!!
They have all sort of amazing fabrics to choose from like satin, chiffon, taffeta, organza and stretch satin. The colour option is also vast. You won’t be disappointed gals.
Here are some amazing bridesmaid dresses. Simply browse through them and take your pick. Pink is always a fav for gals and they have a collection of pink bridesmaid dresses. I really loved this pink bridesmaid dress. Do have a look.

pink bridesmaid dress
pink bridesmaid dress
pink bridesmaid dress

Now some lacy stuff. Oh, not in that sense babes ;). I am talking about lace bridesmaid dresses. Lace looks so feminine that every girl should own a lace dress in her wardrobe. Have a look at my choice 🙂

lace bridesmaid dress

Lets have a Tailor Swift dress too 😉

tailor swift

Don’t wait anymore. Grab your favourite dress, choose colour, fit, fabric and order. There is always some special discount going one. Take advantage of that and feel contended 😉
Stay Pretty
Look Beautiful
Charu 🙂

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  1. So lovely dresses!
    Have a nice week dear,

  2. Charu, how nice that you can actually choose the type of fabric… it would make the dress extra special… I will have to bookmark this site for when I have to buy Valentina her first prom dress xox

    I hope you are doing well and feeling better in the second trimester… mostly I hope you are getting proper rest as you will need this for when the second baby comes… I know I told you about my oldest daughter having her second soon… I worry she will not have the proper rest, in the US she has very little time off and having two children while working can be extremely exhausting. At least here in Canada, we have paid time off for one year, which gives us more time to prepare ourselves…

    I also hope you will have a little help when the new baby's what we all need in the first few months… have a lovely week ahead xox

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    Have a blessed week, dear.

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    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

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    Wonderful choice!
    Kisses :***

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