How to make Gloss to stay longer

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Big hugs to all.
My energy is diminishing with each passing day. I am into my 27th week now. Home+kid+job – everything is getting too much for me. But I think, I should not think about it :). I am well, I am good. Thats how it should go. Thats how I can pass the next 10 weeks :).

So, lets perk up mood a little bit. Lets have some gloss into our lives.
Oh how we all love our lip glosses but they do tend to come off rather quickly!

Lip glosses enhance the beauty of lips and make them look thicker and more seductive but most of them don’t stay in place. So, how to make it stay on longer !!

Try these tips :
  • When you buy a lipgloss make sure it’s opaque and has lots of colour as these types stay on a bit longer. I am fond of some good ones like Revlon Colorburst range. They are nice lip glosses and give good coverage.
  • Before applying fill in your lips completely with a pencil that is the same colour as your mouth. Oh yes, very important. Try a lip gloss both ways and you will see the miraculous difference.
  • Then apply a waxy lip balm so you create a smooth, water-resistant base beneath the gloss.
  • Apply thin layers of gloss by lightly patting with the wand or your fingertip.  Don’t go all the way to the edge as it can bleed. I have faced this :). And bleeding lip gloss can break your whole look.
  • If you want more colour add another thin layer.  In fact, you can build it up too. But don’t go overboard. 1 or 2 coats are enough if the colour pay-off is good.


This should help it stay on for longer than the usual 5 minutes. You can enjoy good 3-4 hours of glossy lips with these simple techniques.

Do share if it helps 🙂

Lotsa love
Charu 🙂

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  1. The pencil and lip balm techniques are awesomee, they deepen the color and keep the lips moisturized !

  2. My fav is the second color!
    Have a nice day dear,

  3. Charu, I have found through reading blogs the importance of using a lip liner and coloring in the whole lip to be really beneficial, I can see this helping with keeping lip gloss on… I usually wear a matte, just so I can keep my color lasting longer xox

    It is not too long for you, the last part of waiting for the baby is the hardest, especially if you have to work…it is so hard to work when you feel so uncomfortable… I hope this goes by quickly xox

  4. Wow I need to follow these tips since it always fade out on my lips very fast. Great post very helpful.

  5. great tips girl!
    I am the worst when it comes to lip products…I end up splatting them all over my face, hai..eehh

    Blue Velvet Addict

  6. Oh Charu, your lips looks smoking hot, and that color is such an fresh and sophisticated one. Your tips are very useful, I will try to follow them. Excellent article ;))
    Lots of kisses <3

  7. Great tips Charu.

  8. These are amazing tips! I dislike lip gloss because it almost never last more than two hours on me so these tips are super helpful!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  9. thanks for the tips, I might as well try this!

  10. Indeed useful for me. I will certainly follow as said for I didn't know.

  11. Great tips, Charu. -Definitely useful! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. It is like painting a wall, you have to put a coat of primer on first 🙂 Very clever idea! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  13. Those are some great tips! I'll be sure to try them next time around. !! Thanks for sharing

    New Post Up – xoxo Chaicy – Style..A Pastiche!

  14. Interesting and will try it 😀
    I usually love opaque lipglosses and find that they work the best.

  15. I use lip pencil trick..also i blot one layer then add another layer 🙂 nice tips Charu 🙂

  16. I generally just put on gloss and run . But will try this someday too.

  17. que bonito y que jugoso

  18. I'm so lazy when I apply my lip gloss haha, it's normally just a dash and go! But these sound like great tips, will definitely try them out!


  19. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  20. definitely trying this next time im using lip gloss!

  21. WOw this is really a helpful post. I first remove excess gloss onto the mouth of tube and then apply on my lips!

  22. Awesome tips, dear! xoxo

  23. Great tips! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Lipstick and Mocha

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