A conversation about Plaid and Check with Ericdress – OOTD

plaid shirt
It’s all about plaid and check today.
It has been almost more than a year since plaid and checks took  an uplift in fashion world and still going strong. But whatever the fashion and trend is I have always loved plaids and checks, since I was a kid. I used to love mum’s plaid coats and dad’s check shirts a lot.
So, when I grew up I inherited that plaid coat and I felt so so so happy for this. But then to fulfill my little childhood desires, I needed one check shirt too, but didn’t get it anywhere..as it was not in fashion.
Be it office wear or just a casual day shirts always have a special place in wardrobe. I love shirts and specially checks and denims. I have bought 4 shirts in last two months..whoaaa I might sound crazy but no control baby.

Finally today, I have a blue check shirt and I love it. I got this smart, trendy check shirt from Ericdress and I tried it the same time the parcel arrived. I couldn’t control!! Don’t know why, but I was damn sure that it will not fit me. Either too big or too small, tight from here, loose from there. But, but, but…. the fitting was so so perfect like it was made specially for me :). It fitted me perfectly. Nothing better I could have got. I really liked its style and fabric too and it was ditto what I saw on website. Nothing idhar ka udhar 🙂

I just love wearing it and that too in many different ways, as it’s a childhood dream it deserves something special like more styling, more care and definitely more wearing 😀

Due to that chickenpox episode in our home, many outfit posts became late. 1 full month of chickenpox and recovery and after that all those scars. Tons and tons of them. I still have lots of. But never mind, as they say, they would fade away in 6 months to a year or may be more :P. Can’t help much, so better is to forget and move on!!

But lots of makeup can take care of everything :P. So enjoy the piccys now with Ritcha styling the plaid check shirt in different ways.

1.) In first look, I have styled this shirt in a formal way with black denim and stilettoes. It can be easily worn to any official meet or formal place.

A conversation about Plaid and Check with Ericdress - OOTD

2.) For the second look, I paired my plaid shirt with pink Palazzo. Actually it is a jumpsuit 😛 yessss…I am wearing my shirt over my pink jumpsuit and it makes it look like palazzo. I love this look, it was super comfy and perfect for any formal, casual or even a simple get together.

A conversation about Plaid and Check with Ericdress - OOTD

3.) For a casual chic look, I left it unbuttoned and paired with my favorite black denim and black spaghetti.

4.) In this look I have paired my plaid shirt with flared pink shorts, to give it a little twist and making it more comfortable to wear in summers.

I hope many of you would be thinking of getting a checkered shirt now, only then I would consider this post of mine successful :). Get it beauties. I am sure you are gonna rock it.

Do leave your comments and suggestions and feedback. I really love your love :). So just shower more and more.

Coming soon with another OOTD.

Shirt: Ericdress.com
Denims: Mango
Pink Wedges: Cobblerz
Black stilettos: Tease
Pink Shorts: Forever21
Pink Jumpsuit: Koovs
Sunglasses: reviewed here

Till then
Stay healthy

Lotsa love
Charu 🙂

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  1. woww.. i loved.. how well you styled that check shirt in sooo many ways.. Charu.. simple yet dressy! thumbs up 🙂

  2. Isn't it great how versatile a plaid shirt can be… it goes with almost anything… The plaid shirts I grew up with were made of soft material, so really comfy to wear… I loved them too xox

  3. Love the collection of amazing looks!

  4. You look amazing dear! <3
    Here is my latest outfit: "Fall Vampy Look"
    Hara, xoxo

  5. Great outfit post!
    Kisses from germany, Sophie♥

  6. I love plaid your looks are on point.

  7. I like how the shirt looks with the reddish pink jumpsuit.

  8. Totally in love with your colourful outfit, babe! xoxo

  9. You chose such a pretty plaid shirt and styled it wonderfully! Personally, I like the shorts outfit the best but my vote may not count as those gorgeous legs of hers were my deciding factor 😉 She is so lovely and in those shorts so wow!! Great shots, enjoyed very much 🙂 xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  10. All beautiful looks

  11. These are awesome ways to style a plaid shirt! My favourite would be the first option, I love the black leggins and heels.

    Keisha xo

  12. love the way you have co-ordinated the shirt in 5 different looks. u look super cute, hot, graceful, lovely and stunning 🙂

  13. The model is looking so pretty in all the dressing styles !!
    good post !!
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  14. I love how you've styled it so many different ways, all so lovely x

  15. Love the palazzo pants!
    Thanks a lot for your last comment : )

  16. How many pretty looks and you hair are sooo bautifully long! *___*

  17. Ahhhh!! Loving the styles and you sure knew how to highlight the skirt. I like the pairing with the shorts.

  18. I love how you styled this shirt, btw you have beautiful hair, dear 😉


  19. Hi dear
    Great outfit, casual and chic
    Love the shirt

  20. Thanks a lot, dear 😀

    You look so fabulous with this plaid 😀 Love tthe looks 😀

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    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me 😀

  21. Very cute shirt, love the way you styled it! 😀

  22. Love the looks! You look beautiful ♥


  23. Hello my dear friend, what a wonderful look with a maxi skirt! I adore it and hope you are fine <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  24. Gorgeous hair ! This shirt is beautiful. Kisses 🙂

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