All About Hand Creams – Best hand creams and how to use

We do take care of our face and hair on a regular basis but we do love our hands as well, isn’t why do we ignore our hands!! We should take proper care of our hands as well, afterall they keep on working whole day and have to do a lot of tasks 😉
There are plenty of hand and nail creams available in the market these days, from a drugstore brand to high end brand, all have it. Here I am listing a few hand creams that really worked for me:
1. Palmer’s cocoa butter formula intensive relief hand cream :
All about hand creams - best hand creams and how to use  
This comes with all the natural moisturising properties to boost skin’s own moisture level and leaves the skin  soft, supple and moisturised.
As the brand says, “Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Intensive Relief Hand Cream provides effective and long lasting relief for severly dry, itchy and irritated hands. This luxuriously creamy formula moisturizes, softens and soothes sensitive skin. Our unique fragrance free formula keeps your skin moisturized from the inside out. Hands look and feel soft, healthy and smooth.”
2. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream:
All about hand creams - best hand creams and how to use  
This is one of my all time favourite. It really works and provides immediate relief to dry and chapped hands and is very well hydrated.
As the brand says “This clinically proven, highly concentrated formula rapidly heals dry hands. It noticeably improves the look and feel of your skin. Hands feel soft and smooth after just one application.”
3. L’occitane shea butter hand cream :
All about hand creams - best hand creams and how to use  

L’occitane has a wide variety of  of luxurious hand creams available in many different scents and best thing about these is that these are enriched with nourishing shea butter. A non greasy formula which leaves hands well hydrated and nourished.

As the brand says. “These super-creamy balms penetrate the skin quickly to protect, moisturize, and replenish dehydrated hands. Each formula is enriched with 20 percent shea butter and other naturally nourishing ingredients like honey, almond, grape seed, and coconut oil for soft, beautiful skin. From orange blossoms and ripe cherries, to cocoa and bouquets of peonies, each formula is fragrant with a delightful scent you’ll love to wear.”
4. The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector:
All about hand creams - best hand creams and how to use

When I checked this product i found the packaging little distracting but after trying I got to know that this one is great for hands especially in winters. It leaves hands soft and supple and moisturized for long hours.
As the brand says, “Our best-selling Hemp Hand Protector helps soften and protect hands. It is dermatologically tested for very dry skin and contains Community Trade hemp seed oil. Relieves very dry skin. Restores moisture and suppleness.”
5. Burt’s Bees shea butter hand repair cream :
All about hand creams - best hand creams and how to use  
This is perfect to heal cracked and dry hands and scent is so refreshing and nice.
As the brand says, “Show dry hands the door with this ultra-rich hand cream. Perfect for everyday revival, Shea Butter is the star along with a bouquet of botanical oils including Sesame, Borage, Macadamia, Rosehip and Sunflower. Get soft, beautifully moisturized hands anytime. All the time. A Burt’s Bees customer favorite!
• Gentle enough for use every day
• Moisturizes and softens with Shea Butter and botanical oils. “

These are the best hand creams I have ever used and loved. We usually use hand creams in the morning and before going to bed. But do you know one should use hand cream everytime after washing hands, if you want to have those flawless, hydrated, soft and smooth hands as our hands also age fast as do our face.

Dry skin obviously needs more moisturising but you can not ignore oily skin. Even if you have oily skin, you must use hand reams and apply it on regular intervals or atleast before going to bed and after bath.
Do you use a hand cream on a regular basis? Which is your favourite hand cream?

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  1. Interesting beauty products.We keep in touch. xx

  2. I'd love to try L'Occitane!

  3. I've used Neutrogena and loved it… as well I have heard really good things about Palmers and how affordable it is… we definitely need to take care od our hands ♡♡

  4. Hi dear
    Great post, very useful for this season
    Love l'occitane

  5. Right now I'm using Heavy cream by Cake Beauty. It's super rich and nourishing.

    Keisha xo

  6. Very nice selection. I love l'Occitane, products are very good 🙂

  7. Great products listed! xx I use the old trusted blue tin Nivea and Boroline! 😛

  8. Awesome hand cream collection, dear! Love them all! I'm using Elizabeth Arden now. xoxo

  9. I used hand cream a lot. I don't really have a favourite, I just buy any. Ha!
    Great choices here.

  10. I soo want to try out the L'Occitaine one as they work like magic on my skin.


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  11. I like the Body Shop butter, although it doesn't smell particularly nice 😉

  12. Burt's and Palmer's are my fav. The others I have not tried because some are quite pricey for my budget.

  13. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream is the best! The only handcream that works for me during the winter.

  14. The pictures are so amazing! Thank you for sharing:)

  15. I have on my wishlist the Burt's Bees!

  16. I love hand creams a lot…i would love to try Palmer's and Burt bee's hand cream..

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