Bollywood Inspired Retro Look – Sharmila Tagore :)

Hello beauties 🙂

Happy Friday!!

I am so excited about today’s post. It is one of those which we do by heart :).

 Bollywood Look - Sharmila Tagore

I and Ritcha, we both so wanted to do bollywood look for a long time. But we couldn’t settle onto one actress. We were liking Deepika, Sonam, Kareena but all looks were being so common that it just took away my interest. Oh no, Kareena’s looks are not common. She has a different style, minimal accessories and heavily done eyes and a style that won’t suit everybody. So, surely her style is not so common to replicate. So, she was our subject of interest. But, then, we both went back into that era of bollywood when her mother-in-law was so famous for her makeups and style and bold eyes.

Bollywood Look - Sharmila Tagore

Yes. Then we decided to do a Sharmila tagore look. This is our first. Hope you like it. Lets have some more pics.

Bollywood Look - Sharmila Tagore 
 retro look 
retro look

Bollywood Look - Sharmila Tagore

                  Bollywood Look - Sharmila Tagore

 retro look


 sharmila tagore


Bollywood Look - Sharmila Tagore


 Bollywood retro Look - Sharmila Tagore

That’s all we could manage this time. Do share your feedback and your love. And do let me know if you want us to recreate some other celebrity be it hollywood or bollywood or any other personality. We would love to work on it. Show your love and support to let us keep going for more 🙂

Enjoy lots,

Love you all,
Charu 🙂

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  1. Awwww!! Simply stunning. Surely you have the magic for the retro-look.

  2. This is so voww.. loved the styling n the whole look of Ritcha .. the pics hv turned out so well.. ♥♥

  3. You did a wonderful job of matching. She looks like a beautiful star, even more than usual 🙂 Kisses

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  4. good job!


  5. Charu… Ritcha looks amazing… however; she always does.. such a pretty girl xox

    Also don't worry about not being able to drop by all the time on my blog, I totally understand that you have two little ones and you will be busy for a while… I am happy we are connected in other ways too xox

  6. You looking lovely dear 🙂

  7. omg!! this is so amazing..loved every bit of this

  8. omg!! this is so amazing..loved every bit of this

  9. omg!! this is so amazing..loved every bit of this

  10. Wow great job on the makeup and wardrobe you look very pretty.

  11. That`s great!You are so beautiful and inspiring <3
    So great tips and useful information!Check out also my blog

  12. You are looking Stunning Charu 🙂

  13. Awesome! You really nailed this look, Ritcha looks amazing.

    Keisha xo

  14. Oh this is amazing 🙂 You guys replicate the look quite well

  15. Wow! You look so pretty!!!

  16. All the pictures are amazing. You look so pretty..

    Kanwal Ikram's Blog

    Kanwal Ikram's Blog

  17. Hi dear
    Nice, perfect makeup!

  18. Love the look you have recreated. Amazing.

  19. Simply stunning, dear! xoxo

  20. You look absolute divine! Gorgeous!

  21. Wow, great Work! Looks beautiful, i love it 🙂

    lovely Greetings!

  22. Oh, such an amazing photos!

  23. Oh very cute style darling
    Lovely makeup

  24. what a great idea ! good job, you look amazing ♥♥

  25. Oh you look so pretty!

  26. Aww Ritcha is looking so adorable.. and i really like recreated look a lot.

  27. You are so pretty. Kisses 🙂

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