Irresistible Me Hair Highlights Review And Easy To Do Hairstyles

I have super curly hair…fulltoo. I always dreamt of straight hair. But now I have come to peace with my hair. When its curly, I leave it on its own and enjoy ringlets. And other times, I use my straightening iron and enjoy the sleek look. Highlights still remain a dream. Many a times, I thought of trying some artificial highlights but couldn’t find anything perfect. Finally my dream came true when I was approached by Irresistible Me to try on their hair extensions. Aila, so many options to choose from!! Confused!!
What I chose and finally got, you can check here with full review and ootd 🙂
In this post, I will show you some simple and cute hairstyles, I got to make with my new highlighting extensions. All these hairstyles are achievable in 5 mins flat, so good enough for office and college too, or may I say kitties and PTMs too :P. Oh, I have seen many pretty ladies showing off latest fashions at both these places :).
But, before starting for hairstyles, lets discuss some important facts and tips for these extensions –
As already told in the review (link given above), we got these extensions in 24” length which are a bit short for Ritcha’s hair, say approx 4 inches and  almost ½ inch long for me. She places them away from her scalp and her problem is resolved. But what do I do!!
Oh, I have got to cut mine a little bit. Should I do it myself? OR should I get it cut professionally? I think professionally is a better option. When hair are straight, even little mistakes are clearly visible and I don’t want my highlights to look like costly mistakes :).
Lots of colors and variety to choose from on the website of Irresistible ME but still, when you get bored, you can always color these again. IF you want, I suggest to opt for some light colors originally, so that you can dye them to some darker tone later easily.
Use, use and use your extensions but don’t forget to cleanse them like your own hair. I would suggest some mild shampoo and conditioner for the purpose. I have Devacurl Low Poo Cleanser which I find perfect for cleansing these highlights. For conditioning, I opt for Loreal Professional Absolut Repair mask or Devacurl One Condition conditioner, both amazing :). Oh, I love to curl these and straighten too!!
You can order extensions at Irresistible . They give free worldwide shipping on orders over $150. Nothing good below that though :P. Some amazing deals come on special occasions. You will be amazed at the quality and the shipping speed and the packaging too.
So, this all and much much more you can do and achieve with these extensions. If you are looking for some high quality human hair extensions, then you should definitely check out Irresistible Me! I am so happy and impressed by the quality of their products and enjoying my pretty locks a lot more now with my new extensions. Fully recommended. Go for it :).

Lets now see some 5 min hairstyles we did on Ritcha with these highlight extensions.

1. Fishtail Braid

Very simple to make. I think this is easily achievable by anybody and needs no expertise. If you are not sure, just watch some youtube video on how to make this braid. We added half of the highlights only in this braid and see what awesome results we got :).

Irresisitible Me Hair Highlights Review and easy to do hairstyles

2. Bun

Your friend in times of distress and also on those special occasions, a bun never fails. By adding these highlights, the bun is totally revamped!! We haven’t kept it very neat and tidy or tight. Just a simple loose bun here.

Irresisitible Me Hair Highlights Review and easy to do hairstyles

3. Ponytail

A ponytail is my all time fav and never fails me. A simple refreshing ponytail with highlights added.

Irresisitible Me Hair Highlights Review and easy to do hairstyles

4. Simple Braid
 We have been there done that but see, just adding a pop of colour has given a new dimension to the simple braid.
Irresisitible Me Hair Highlights Review and easy to do hairstyles
5. Open Curls

This look has already been done on our other blog with full ootd. we curled the highlights using rod and hair too. No body could imagine these were extensions, so real they looked.Irresisitible Me Hair Highlights Review and easy to do hairstyles

Have you ever tried Irresistible Me hair extensions or highlights? How was your experience?
 Do leave your comments and views 🙂
With lotsa love
See you all with a new post in 2016 🙂

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