Make Your Wedding Memorable With These Top Tips

With these top tips, your wedding is sure to be remembered by everyone for years to come.


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If you’ve been to one wedding, you’ve been to them all, right? From candles and flowers, to dresses and music, a typical wedding can be pretty predictable. If you want your wedding to stand out, you need to involve the guests both in the process of the day and in sentiment. These tips will help you to personalize your day and make it an event to remember.
1.      Write a special welcome message for out-of-town guests on postcards from the city the wedding will be taking place in. It’s a lovely personal touch that shows a lot of thought and acts as a keepsake. You could have it placed in their room at The Brighton Savoy ready for their arrival.
2.      In your programs, include an “about the wedding party” section or even place these on the reception tables so guests can learn more about the special members of your bridal party.
3.      If you want to take pictures before your ceremony, clear everybody out of the ceremony site, and get your groom to stand at the end of the aisle. Walk down the aisle while it is just the two of you and create an incredibly sweet moment with the very best photos.
4.      Place embroidered handkerchiefs or tissues in the rows where family are going to be seated so they can wipe up their tears of joy.
5.      Write a very special letter to mom and dad and have it ready and waiting for them at their seat for the ceremony. It can be about anything: how you hope your marriage is as loving as theirs or a simple note of gratitude.
6.      Have each bridesmaid carry a unique bouquet made of their favourite flowers. And then have your bouquet made to incorporate a combination of all their favourite flowers.
7.      Choose a bright colour dress for your flower girls instead of a replica of your dress so they can wear the dress again and again.
8.      Give all your guests a candle on their way into the ceremony. Have the groomsmen go around and light the first candle of each row, having guests “pass the flame” down the rows to light all the candles. Then proceed to say your vows completely to candlelight for an extra romantic touch. With a celebration at Brighton Savoy – the ideal venue for wedding receptions in Melbourne, every detail will feel extra special.
9.      For family members who cannot be with you or who are no longer with you, wear something of theirs to feel their presence. Whether it’s grandma’s handkerchief or your great aunt’s string of pearls.

10.  Select a very special ceremony starting time, such as 6:17, the exact time your beloved proposed to you.
11.  If you simply must have an ice sculpture, pick a martini luge. It is a stunning accent to any bar and will give your guests something to talk about for a long time after.
12.  Have your guests sign a special tablecloth or even a guest book platter that can be used at extra special dinners in the future, instead of a guest book that could end up gathering dust.
13.  Let your parents and married siblings enjoy first dances at the reception.
14.  Finally, why not race through a tunnel of sparklers or swords or even boat oars for a rather different grand exit.
Follow all these tips and make your wedding extra special.

P.S. – This article is contributed by Katrina Fernandez

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  1. It is so difficult to kick every one from the photograph's site on a wedding. There are so many guests!!

  2. Great Post 🙂 i would Love to marry soon…. Alles Liebe, Eileen von Beautyarea & more

  3. So precise and detailed thanks!

  4. Charu, these are some really great ideas… I love the idea of personalizing things… those are things that are remembered… If I had ever married again, I had planned to personalize things for each person I invited… which I planned to have a small intimate wedding… maybe I can incorporate this for Valentina's wedding in the future… have a great week xox

  5. Great tips! Would love to follow these ideas. My sister is getting married pretty soon. These tips will let us save some money. Thanks for sharing them. We have just booked an event venue and looking for affordable catering services.

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