5 Ways to celebrate your wedding in Modern Times

Arranging or managing wedding preparations in today’s time is an overwhelming undertaking.While, it’s great fun to incorporate traditional customs in a wedding ceremony, the expenses in modern times limits us to do so. Geeta Prakash and Rahul Prakash, a newlywed couple from Gurgaon, recalls the logistical nightmare associated with weddings. It’s similar to drafting a full-proof marketing strategy that includes drawing a budget, negotiating with vendors, preparing an inventory of incurred expenses, etc. Preparing the guest list and creating a plan for card distribution, printing the invitation, arranging the venue are some must do things that come without saying.

Modern Weddings

Weddings are often associated with fun and happy memories. However, it’s the relatives and friends that enjoy the most. The wedding couple and the respective families find themselves trapped in a whirlwind of endless responsibilities in the name of tradition. But, with people becoming more conscious about the wasteful expenditure in the disguise of weddings, it’s time to embrace all practices of celebrations that are practical.

Buy Jewellery that is Less Ornate and more wearable

Why spend your hard-earned money on glittery and ornate pieces of Jewellery that are destined to rest idle in your closet forever? Rather, go for styles and designs that gel well with modern day needs. For instance,invest in jewels that will even complement a business suit. Wedding celebrations last only a few days, but your love for jewellery is forever. So, go for such wedding jewellery designs that are traditional and contemporary, at the same time.

The nitty-gritty of wedding preparations may not leave you with much time to go for offline wedding jewellery shopping. But worry not. Online jewellery shopping platforms like CaratLane will not only assist you with exclusive jewellery designs but will also amaze you with exciting discounts. What’s the harm in saving on the shopping for glittery gold and dazzling rocks when you are getting in return the designs that are best suited for your modern taste?

Send out e-invitations to Guests over Traditional Wedding Cards

In an age of internet and technology, when electronically transmitted messages are regarded as an effective form of communication, the practice of card distribution still exists. It’s time to ditch this tradition of the past and ease the burden by sending out e-invitation to guests. Card printing is not only costly, but is also not viable for the environment. Imagine the kilos of paper that go intoprinting wedding invitations. The add-on bonus of this exercise is that you are assured that your guests will not crib about not receiving the invite. There are also no postal delays. As soon as you hit the sent button of your email, you’re certain that the invitation will be sent out.

Opt for a humble wedding buffet menu to avoid food wastage

Wedding Buffets are great. Your guests are spoilt with choices, and they get to eat what they like. But, all this extravagance accounts for copious amount of food wastage. As per a report, food wastage in India is a major concern and large wedding celebrations are often held responsible for such wastage. So, instead of offering a lavish spread, opt for a menu that is humble yet sufficient. Cutting down the menu items does not mean that you cannot offer your guests a gastronomical delight. Do a bit of research and pick up signature items that your guests would relish. This way you can also assure the quality of the food served without having to incur wastage.  

Restrict the rituals

Endless wedding rituals may take away the excitement of your togetherness. The idea of restricting the rituals to a minimum will let you indulge in the fun even on the D-day. You can club the mehndiand sangeet ceremony to have a double blast. Just create your own musical mash up or take help of your bridesmaids to decide on the dancing numbers that will keep your guests twirling and grooving all night long.

Be a trendsetter, share your wish list with guests

A trend that is quite common in the West – the bride and the groom sharing their respective wish list with guests, so that they get exactly what they want to begin with the new innings of life. Though, the trend is yet to make a remarkable presence in Indian wedding processions, you can be a trendsetter by trying out this practical, yet interesting ideas. Above all, you will end up helping your guests in spending less time on selecting the ideal wedding gift.
Wedding is a new beginning. We suggest you make the auspicious day special and not pompous. The unnecessary fanfare not only takes away the charm of the wedding but also creates hassles. So, keep it simple, keep it hassle free. 

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