Spreading Warmth, the EZEE way

Hello Everyone,
What’s better than to celebrate winters with some hot coffee, a nice soft blanket and a book that’s your favorite. Sounds tempting, isn’t it?  But all, in our society, are not privileged enough to get all these. Think of the many under privileged, especially children, facing harsh Delhi winters with their tattered clothes, inadequate warm-wears- the winters are a living nightmare for them. Ever since I’ve had this realization, little bare feet in winters have always got a deep sense of melancholy in me. I always wanted to do something about this, but did never have an opportune way – you know, that lack of right opportunities. 
Then I came to know about Godrej Ezee’s  campaign called the ‘Ezee Hugs’, the one that urges people to donate their old woolen clothes to under privileged. This was the one which I really wanted to be a part of at the word go – somehow however, busy work schedules etc. ( and then I knew I had to travel quite a distance to locate a collection-box) meant that I never got initiated. 
This is till the time a message a popped up inside – guess where, the ride-hailing app that use regularly – OLA. 
I am a REGULAR  user of OLA app – and what OLA doing time? Well, OLA had a partnership with Godrej Ezee in this season of the campaign to  collect old woolens from the doorsteps of OLA users and hand it over to the Ezee team.  
How sweet? It was a warm winter evening in my home, where the OLA driver came knocking (on basis of a prior appointment) and me & my family donated a bunch of colorful woolens that we had handpicked from our old wardrobes.
I guess you can sense my excitement, this was a true feeling of being not just an observer, but an integral ‘catalyst’ of a social change.

Thank you Ezee for letting me be a part of this noble cause!! #EzeeCares
A big thanks to Ezee, OLA and all the other partners who made this possible. 
p.s- I also read somewhere that the campaign has collected almost 77,000 woolens this year. So cheers to all of us, who somehow could make it possible.

I am sure you will find some more details at the Brand website : www.ezeehugs.com 

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  1. What a great idea…we have places here that will come to our homes to pick up items we want to donate, this is very helpful for people like myself who does not have transportation and it would be very difficult for me to donate… I am happy they make it easier xox

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