OOTD – Pearly Dreams And Wishes

Good morning friends,

OOTD Pearly Dreams
Days are getting hotter and I am not liking it. Shedding all those beautiful layers, smart coats, blazers and all. I love getting dressed and as they say one can never be overdressed or over educated. Yes yes I like it, getting dressed…. going out and most of the times what I am wearing depends upon my mood. I am saying most of the times as few times it depends upon the occasion too 😛
This week is very hot  here, in Delhi. Summers are making entry too soon, too fast. Weekend was no better. It is still autumn here and I love autumn as much as I love spring. I love to watch trees turning pale/red and then making their leaves fall. It’s such a delight to see all the colors of nature and beauty of nature often leaves me speechless.
I believe that we should enjoy and love life in whatever way it comes. Life is full of ups and downs but what is important is to stay patient in downs and to remain down to earth and kind in ups. I too feel very low sometimes then I read some of my co-bloggers posts and I mean it, your motivational words fill me with so much enthusiasm.
Today I would like to say thanks to one such blogger friend, whose letters always motivate me to stay positive and calm, Launna. Sometimes thanks seem such a small word for the impact others leave on us but there is no other option.
In the end I would like to say we should learn that other women aren’t our competition, they are our friends, our tribe, our fellow goddesses. Treat them accordingly. Treat them with respect and love.
An OOTD with peaceful colors for you 🙂
pearl top
mango top
myglossyaffair ootd
steve madden
Top – Some online website
Denims – Mango
Wedges – Steve Madden
Bag – Vansons
P.S: I love you (to all my friends and followers) 🙂

6 Replies to “OOTD – Pearly Dreams And Wishes”

  1. Great post Dear.
    You looking so ravishing.
    I love Launna too…she is one amazing person and such a inspiration to all women.


  2. Wow! You look so pretty!!!

  3. I have the exact off white top and I love it. Even wore for the Beyu India event. Love it on u darling. U look so cute????????????

  4. Kudos, prettiest post I have ever read.

  5. Thank you, how very sweet of you… I agree we shouldn't compete with other women, we need to compete with ourselves to become better… I have had a couple of rough weeks where I have not been my positive self the way I like… it's a good reminder that with those lows that come along we need to remember there will be highs again… xox

  6. Such an elegant outfit. I love how the pearls, the lace top and the denim pants go beautifully together – making it just the perfect blend of elegance and rock. This is elegance personified.

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