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A very good morning my friends.
I hope you all are enjoying your day.
This time, I am sharing my shopping and haul experience on a new website. Recently, I got a chance to purchase some stuff from the website –
Now, we will jump on to products separately.
1.       FAUX LASHES –

faux lashes

I got 3 varieties, pictures are attached. Though I haven’t used all of them but 2 pairs have been used and I found them good enough. At the price these came, it doesn’t hurt.
a.       2* 5 pairs 3D Luxurious Thick Faux Lashes
Price – $2.13
b.      5 pairs 3D Mink Natural Handmade Thick Faux Lashes
Price – $4.16

Makeup Brush Pouch

Brush case
Makeup Brush Case

Price – $6.44

Oh, this one is a saviour. Ritcha being a professional Makeup Artist has so many pouches, brush belt and everything while I had none L. And obviously we can do without it, but when one has it, suddenly it feels that my life is not complete without a separate pouch for brushes :D.

I have got it now. Desire fulfilled. It is very good, nice quality, easy to use. Various length and various sized pockets on both sides and a net zipper in between, nylon material. It is lightweight and easy to carry. Also, space is ample and it houses all my brushes, eyeliners, some lip liners and 1-2 eye shadow palettes conveniently.
3.       EARRINGS–
Price – $1.32
I got one pair of fancy silver earrings also. Sleek and beautiful, I like them. but no pic, sorry for that.

shoe organizer

shoe organizer
Price – $3.68
I wanted a shoe organizer for so long. I don’t like keeping my shoes and my beloved heels in shoe rack. All that dust just scares me…yuck. This was the 1st item I put in cart for buying, a big help.
After receiving it, I want to share my views on it with you. It is a soft material, like you can’t pick it up as a whole without its twisting and folding from here and there. The size is good and comes under bed easily. My shoes are not safe as they are enclosed separately in zippers. I like it.
The website has a clean layout and there are ample products to choose from. The cost of the products is very competitive. In fact, according to the quality of products, I find the cost very reasonable. The order was done on 29-03-2017 and I received the products within a month. They do worldwide shipping.
They have 24*7 customer support desk and accept paypal for payments. Now, there is no reason to hold on your cravings J. Just visit them and shop. All kinds of products are available say, clothes, fashion, accessories, gadgets, home and living and various hair accessories too. You can pick products of your choice at such a cheap price!!
I will try them out again for sure.
You also celebrate your weekend.
Happy shopping
Love to all
Charu 🙂

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  1. organizer accessoires are great

  2. Great set of brushes! very useful)

  3. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. I love the shoe organizer idea. Thanks

  5. Charu, I am sorry I haven't been around for such a long time… I have been dealing with excruciating pain for the past few months… my dr finally found a pill that is helping me… I missed blogging and writing so much, it is good to be back, catching up with everyone xox

    I really like the fake lashes, such a good price, I have one pair, I need more to practice and get better at applying them, my lashes have become so thin with age xox

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