A Tour of the Amazing Architecture of Dubai

 Dubai is a heady mix of cosmopolitan living and the traditional identity of the region. This dazzling Emirate has welcomed settlers from all over the planet. It has also preserved much of its culture and Bedouin heritage – in its food, clothing and architecture. You can discover all that Dubai has to offer within an affordable budget, when you book Mumbai to Dubai flights at low cost, and stay at budget hotels. Once you have defined your budget, get ready to be amazed by this beautiful cosmopolitan, that has new age towers grazing the skyline to ancient souks of commerce, from impressive specimens of modern architecture to heritage districts of Arab origin. Listed below are a few places you must visit, to see the architectural splendour of the city.



Heritage Spaces in Dubai


The Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood: Bastakiya or the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood is one of the oldest heritage sites in the city. The Dubai Museum in the Al-Fahidi Fort records how this humble Bedouin village grew into a dazzling Arab capital. Bur Dubai in Bastakiya dates back to the early 1900s. Tour the winding narrow lanes with wind-towers and bustling courtyards here – it is an intriguing place.


Al Seef District: The Al Seef District showcases the region’s proud heritage as a coastal pearl-diving base. Fishermen in their ‘dhows’ or traditional boats traverse its peaceful waters to this day. An Arabian-style souk is also close by. Tour it to learn of age-old Emirati customs. The Al Seef District blends into a more contemporary space. Eateries, cafes and stores – you will find them all along the waterway.


The Mountain Town of Hatta: The reconstructed Hatta Heritage Village is also a must-visit with traditional huts and humble shops selling regional wares. The main Hatta Fort is of course hard to miss. Mountain stones and mud bricks make up the building.


The Modern Face of Dubai’s Architecture


Burj Khalifa: The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and dominates the Dubai skyline.  Shaped like a rocket-ship, it opened in 2010. With 160 storeys, the Burj Khalifa also has an observation deck at the top. This is an outdoor terrace from where you can catch the most jaw-dropping views of Dubai.


Burj al Arab: The Burj al Arab is shaped like a sail. It is one of the most luxurious hotels of the world and the third tallest hotel in the world. There is a helipad at the top. There is a curved bridge which connects the hotel to the mainland from the Jumeirah Beach. Do make a visit to this hotel.


Cayan Tower: The architecture of the Cayan Tower boasts of a twist of 90 degrees. It is unique in this respect. The tower’s twisting form offers views of the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai Marina to the maximum number of units. Once in Dubai, you will find this building hard to miss.


Atlantis The Palm: On The Palm island, this luxury hotel has been built on the theme of Atlantis. It also incorporates distinct Arab elements. The Palm by itself is also quite spectacular. It is an artificial archipelago of three islands. This man-made modern specimen of architecture is shaped like a palm tree, with a crescent on the top. A must-visit!


Raffles Hotel: Built like a pyramid, this hotel was designed by architect Bryn Lummus. A stunning piece of architecture, it showcases both Asian and Egyptian aesthetics.


Book Mumbai to Dubai tickets at low cost to tour these places of architectural splendour. Dubai is not just a shopping destination. It has much to offer to the world traveller.


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