7 Pro Tips to prevent Smokey Eye from Smudging

Smokey Eyes
While a few girls are scared of smokey eyes, many are in love with it. I find it one of the most sassy yet sultry look, which can make any girl look glamorous. It can make or break the look, depending upon how you are doing it. Many girls have asked me for tips about how to keep smokey eye from smudging or fading.  I know how frustrating it is to get you liner getting set into your crease lines. So, I thought of doing a post for all of you. It has all the professional  tricks which will give you long lasting and smudge proof smokey eyes.   Smudge Prrof Smokey Eyes  
  1. Primer – A perfect eyeshadow base or a primer is a game changer, when it comes to eye makeup. It make eye makeup last longer and prevents from smudging while making the color pop. A good primer also works as a perfect base shade, as it hides the pigmentation and skin discoloration.
  2. Eyeliner – Look for an eyeliner which is creamy, easy to blend and waterproof at the same time. I prefer and suggest Waterproof gel eye liner and waterproof smolder pencil.

  3. Eyeshadow – After you have applied the base and eyeliner, buff it out. Now pack it with eyeshadow. While doing smokey eyes, do not just swipe the shadows but you need to really build the color strong by packing it in onto the eyes.

  4. Blend – When you have build up the color enough, don’t forget to blend the crease. Or take a neutral, brown or a complimenting color to blend it on the crease line and just blend blend blend. Blending is the key to get perfect eye makeup. And it takes people months and sometimes years to learn perfect blending.

smoky eyes  

  1. Undereye – Use a waterproof black eye pencil or gel eyeliner for waterline and under area. Then just take a complimenting or brown eyeshadow and blend it with the black to get that perfect flawless diffused look.

  • Eyeshape – Even for smokey eye makeup, a lot depends upon your eye shape. Not everything suits every one. So play it safe in the starting and eventually you will get to know what suits you.

  • Fixing Spray – While you are done, always finish it off with a setting spray. Keep it on a distance of an arm and just spray evenly on your whole face, closing your eyes.

  • Smokey Eyes The most important aspect is the more you do, the more you learn and the more you get perfection. Keep practicing and you will come at ease with smokey eyes and soon will be prefect :). Follow all the above steps as these will prevent smokey eyes from smudging and you will get a flawless smokey eye.   Tip: I suggest and prefer to do eye makeup first. Though it is totally a personal choice. But cleaning the under eye area after finishing your eye makeup will make it look neat and makes it easy to remove any fallout too.  

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