A Guide to Choosing an Engagement Ring Setting

Selecting an engagement ring is one of the most challenging decisions a young man can make, as this symbol of eternal love is something your bride-to-be will wear with pride, therefore it is vital that she is happy with the design.


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When thinking about an engagement ring, there is much to consider, namely: the stones and the setting. Of course, for an engagement ring, diamonds are the obvious choice. Regarding settings, there are many choices and with that in mind, here are some unique diamond ring settings that are ideal for that special engagement ring.


  1. The Prong Setting – This type of setting is very popular for an engagement ring and there could be anything from 2 to 8 prongs, depending on the design. The prongs are metal claws that keep the stone in place and the least amount makes the stone more visible. However, the diamond is less secure than if the ring has more prongs. The diamond will look more attractive if the stone is not covered by metal prongs, as the light can filter through the diamond, so it is a question of balance.
  1. The Tiffany Setting – Developed by Tiffany in 1886, this setting is designed to allow the maximum amount of light through the diamond. When looking at engagement rings Wellington gentlemen get from Diamonds.co.nz, a reputable jeweller that offers a wide range of settings for a diamond engagement ring, consider this 6-prong setting. It can come in a range of designs and is very easy to keep clean and it supports many diamond shapes and sizes.
  1. The Bezel Setting – This is favoured for the girl with an active lifestyle, as rather than holding the diamond with prongs, the bezel setting encircles the diamond, keeping it very secure. The bezel can either be partial or complete. The partial design allows the stone to be seen more clearly. The bezel setting does not catch on clothing and it protects the stone very well. There are no concerns about loose fitting prongs, which makes for the ideal setting for the girl who leads a very active lifestyle.
  1. The Tension Setting – As the name suggests, this primarily keeps the diamond in place using tension on a single metal band. Lasers are used to calculate the exact dimensions of the diamond and the jewellery maker crafts the metal band to perfectly fit the stone. This type of setting offers a very secure fitting. The modern look is very attractive and it requires less maintenance that the traditional prong setting.
  1. The Channel Setting – This style is ideal for a row of small diamonds. The channel is cut by the jeweller to perfectly hold the small stones into the band. This setting is very popular as it allows for a row of stones to be inserted into the band, with no chance that they can work loose.

Whatever setting style you choose, make sure you buy the ring from a reputable jeweller and in the event you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, a custom jewellery maker can craft a design according to your specifications, making for a truly unique ring.

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