Earthy Sapo Reetha Shampoo Bar

Earthy Sapo Reetha Shampoo Bar

I was toying with the idea of using soap based shampoo for long, I started with this all natural soap from Earthy Sapo. I got it from

Why soap based shampoo!!

Because, these soap based shampoos are mostly natural without those harsh chemicals and parabens and sulphates. Also, no plastic bottles are used. So, it is my way of contributing to mother nature. At least, it will less of plastic from my side. I already use steel tiffins for my kids. The transition is slow and tough, but possible and will surely make a big difference if done on large scale and with good intentions.

Earthy Sapo – Reetha Shampoo Bar


Earthy Sapo Reetha Shampoo Bar

Earthy Sapo Reetha Shampoo Bar


Let’s first see the goodness of this soap –

  • It is natural, chemical free, preservative free & vegan.
  • It is traditionally made hair wash soap that retains glycerine. Pure soap, no fillers, no ready made soap bases, no artificial hardeners, no artificial foaming agents, no SLS/SLeS, no synthetic colorants or artificial pigments.
  • For better results use on lightly/mildly oiled hair. Detailed usage instructions have been provided in the in the form of a leaflet in the box along with the bar
  • Follow up with hair conditioner or Apple Cider Vinegar rinse if needed.
  • Instructions of how to make liquid shampoo from Earthy Sapo’s Shampoo Bars have been provided in the form of a leaflet in the box along with the bar.

All points are amazing, no!!


Price –

Rs. 225/- for 100gm  on brand website. Currently available for Rs. 185/-


Ingredients –

Saponified vegetable edible oils*, Reetha, coconut milk, aloevera, bhringraj, rosemary, amla, hibiscus flower, methi, brahmi, neem, jojoba oil, argan oil, tea tree essential oil
*includes rice bran oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, cold pressed coconut oil, cold pressed sesame oil, cold pressed castor oil

No preservatives, no readymade soap bases, no artificial hardners, no artificial foaming agents, no SLS/SLeS, no synthetic colorants or artificial pigment.


Earthy Sapo Reetha Shampoo Bar


Directions to use –

Rub wet bar on wet hair to work out a rich lather. Rub & massage well. Leave on for few minutes. Rinse with water. Follow-up with Earthy Sapo’s hair conditioner. For better results, apply on oiled hair.
For a longer lasting soap bar, leave the soap on a well-drained, well-ventilated surface after use.

If you are particular about using liquid shampoos, then you can make a liquid from our shampoo bars in the following easy steps:

– grate the bar into a heat proof container & add 150 ml of boiling hot water.
– cover the container & let it rest for a couple of hours
– stir well & your liquid shampoo is ready.
– bottle up the shampoo & refrigerate.
– use as instructed.


Shelf Life –

24 months. But since they use no preservatives, early use is recommended.


Earthy Sapo Reetha Shampoo Bar


Earthy Sapo Reetha Shampoo Bar


My Experience with Earthy Sapo Reetha Shampoo Bar –

I love the packaging. Simple card board box and inside a soap bar wrapped in cotton cloth, the same used for bandaging injuries. The feel of whole packaging is so eco friendly!!

This shampoo bar is meant for dry hair. It can be used on curly hair as well as for children. And I am doing it for both types.

I have been using shampoo bars since 2-3 months on and off. I haven’t totally switched over to bars. Its tough you know :). But I will shift in 1 more month max. It is simple to use and store. Just wet your hair, rub soap appropriately, massage in hair and wash off. The hair is left all clean and wonderful. I always follow up with hair conditioner for my hair.No stickiness like some shampoo bars, and no dry, frizzy hair. It leaves my hair all soft, clean and bit more black. Yes, my hair are more black after using this and I just love that effect. Since it has no harsh chemicals, I love that blackness :).

My previous soap was not this good. I like it better. I will soon review that one too. My liking for this Earthy Sapo bar can be seen from the fact that I am reviewing it before my earlier one :).

I use it for my kids too, due to non-presence of chemical, sulphates, silicones and preservatives in it. They also like it, I also like that :).

Reetha Shampoo Bar is formulated with the goodness of hair strengthening & softening herbs like reetha, coconut milk, aloevera, bhringraj, rosemary, amla, hibiscus flower, methi, brahmi & neem. The shampoo bar is suitable for dry & curly hair. And it actually suits my curly hair.

The soap is totally handmade and there is no overpowering smell. Only a slight fragrance of tea tree essential oil. Nothing bothersome.


Some pointers to use this Reetha Shampoo Bar effectively and get the best out of it –

  • To properly remove oil from hair, don’t over-do oiling. And massage your hair well with shampoo bar.
  • Use it judiciously and it will last long. Keep it dry or in a well ventilated container.
  • It will not remove frizz totally but nothing does!! It suits my curly hair well.
  • No breakage or hair fall.
  • For extra dry hair, follow up with hair conditioner.
  • If you feel build up or stickiness, as it takes time to get habitual to shampoo bars, get another round and massage it well into hair, leave for sometime and rinse. Also, you can go for Apple Cider Vinegar rinse at the end or use hair conditioner.
  • Hair take time to adjust to shampoo bars. So, be patient. Give it time. It is not easy to leave all those detergents overnight, that we are used to for so long.


All in all, I totally recommend this eco-friendly and chemical free shampoo bar from Earthy Sapo. It does what it intends to, without making a dent on mother nature or our hair.


MGA Rating –


When I started review writing for Earthy Sapo, and explored the brand, I came to know about the founder, Sheetal Kabra, mother to a 6 year old, Seher and I instantly felt connected, not only due to the fact that I share same sentiments about all natural products like her, but also because, our daughters have same name – Sehar (hers Seher) . These small things make me super happy 🙂

For brief intro of Earthy Sapo, Earthy Sapo is brand based in Hyderabad, Telangna, which makes natural, chemical-free, preservative-free and vegan products.

So, you all, go get one. I will be buying all the stuff from Earthy Sapo related to kids and their Eczema cream too!!


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