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Today, I am writing a super post about something I strongly I believe in!!  The heading may look misleading and totally from those stupid marketing strategies but read on. You are going to thank me 🙂

I got in touch with Ena of @eyalifestyle_ through Facebook long time back. Almost 10 months. I wanted to purchase her Belly Fat Powder. Why?

•  It was reasonably  priced.

• I am almost always looking for some natural products which can improve metabolism and accelerate weight loss  😛

• The ingredients were all mentioned and were so good and hence I was sure, it won’t do any harm if not good. The products are free of chemicals and preservatives.

• I love and whole heartedly support self made entrepreneurs, who work hard towards their goals, keep the products true to the claims and don’t make prices rocket high while doing ugly marketing.

• Ena’s mother is a Naturopath doctor  with over 25 years of experience and the duo obviously know what they are doing and are not into it for making quick bucks. Here passion and knowledge, both are included.

So I called up Ena and asked for it. She told me its benefits and asked me to purchase Chai Masala and Abdominal Belt along with it. She told that the trio would work wonders. Hence, I purchased all three.

So, let’s do each  product one by one. I will put in separate posts.

Eya Lifestyle Belly Fat Powder

Belly Fat Powder

My favourite product so far for weight loss!! It surely increases your metabolism. I have tried Patanjali and Himalaya too. But they don’t do anything and it does everything. Read on to know how I love it.

Belly Fat Powder helps in boosting metabolism and immunity, detoxifies the body, prevents and heals constipation, Gastritis, Bloating and Piles, Skin Diseases, Thyroid etc.

Cost –

Rs. 350/- for 200gms + shipping

Prices are going to be revised soon!!

Ingredients –

Choti Harad, Senna Leaves, Fennel Seeds, Mulethi, Cumin Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Rose Petals etc.

How I consumed Belly Fat Powder

Every night, 2 hrs after having dinner, 1 tbsp with lukewarm water. As simple as that. I find the powder very tasty. All may not like the taste. Hence take it like this –

Take 1 spoon of belly fat powder.

Have it in powder from OR mix 50ml of water and gulp down.

Drink one glass of warm water post that.

My Experience with Belly Fat Powder –

So, I started taking it during lockdown. I had time and like everybody, I also gained some weight, say 1-2kgs. So I started with Chai Masala and Belly Fat Powder.

I was doing household chores like everyone else during Covid Lockdown but eating self-cooked delicacies and not losing a bit of weight. Infact gained 1-2kgs. It was a shocker. I had this powder for last 4-5 months but was just too lazy to take it regularly. In July, I started and within a month, I lost 2 kgs approx. Till today I have lost approx 5 kgs. Which is a big thing for me as I haven’t left food or started exercising . Nothing.

What all I did –

•Took the powder religiously daily as mentioned above, occasional Chai Masala and occasional Abdominal Belt.

•One big change I did was – I started having multi grain chapatti, not only for me but for my whole family. This multigrain flour, I get prepared by local Chakki. It has only 50% wheat, rest 50% is Wheat bran, oats, chana, soyabean. The taste is great. Chapatis if kept for long, turn dry, lots of fibre. They are good when fresh.

•Drink more water.

How to place order –

DM @eyalifestyle_ on Instagram or whatsapp on 9810370905 to place your orders directly.

And this time, you actually need to hurry as the prices are going to change within 1 week or so!! At Rs. 350/-, this will last you easily for 1 month or over, so nothing to lose except extra kilos!!

Overall Rating –

Full on 5/5

It can be 10/10

Leave aside all those Jeera water, methi water, dhania water etc etc water and start taking this natural, herbal, all good ingredients powder and feel your body getting lighter in a healthy way.  I no longer feel bloating, which was common earlier. I am 5 kgs down.My body’s metabolism has improved. I am on my second pack now. Good for both men and women.

Will share the changes again in a month in this post.

P.S. – I got this belly fat powder from my own money, so no paid post or fake review. You will be happy with the results :).

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