Tips & Tricks

  • To soften dry, chapped lips instantly – Take some raw sugar and any Vitamin E cream or gel. Massage with the mixture on the lips for a minute and wipe with damp cloth to get instant soft lips.
  • To do away with the fly-aways – Spray some aerosol hairspray on a kabuki brush and lightly dust the hair around your part with the brush. This will smooth away any flyaways on the part and works like magic.
  • To remove Holi colour – Precaution is better than cure. So, in first place, use oil/ petroleum jelly liberally all over your body to minimize the effect of colours. And finally, the cure – take some gram flour and mix it with water/ milk. Leave it on body and face for 3-5 mins. Then rub it gently and wash off with water. Most of the colour will be gone and that too in a good way leaving your skin happy and glowing :).
  • To add shine to hair – Now who wants dull hair !! Shiny locks are our dream. To achieve healthy looking naturally shiny hair, use a rinse of apple cider vinegar after you shampoo. Rinse well with water afterwards to reduce the smell.
  • To stop losing hair – All of us experience hairfall at some time or other – hormonal changes, weather changes and various reasons. If hairfall is excessive, first show it to a physician and then try tea tree oil. Mix a teaspoon into your shampoo and shake well, then wash as normal. While it does take a few days to help, you will notice less hair loss with regular use of tea tree oil. This is also great for clearing up scalp breakouts. Be happy !!
  • To use or not to use Toner – Using toner is a must as it makes your skin after cleansing routine and helps moisturizers to penetrate better into the skin. But if you are using a cleanser that is PH balanced then skip toner as it may dry out your skin.
  • Acid laced products should be PH balanced – Make sure that all acid based products you use are PH balanced means their PH is in sync with your skin and they remove the sebum from skin gently without stripping the skin of natural oils. Mainly, if you use any products with glycolic acid or lactic acid or exfoliators, then do check the label. Low PH can dry out the skin.
  • Another Gem tip for controlling hair loss – Now, this is personally tried and tested by me. ONION JUICE. This is a miracle product for controlling, in fact, stopping hair loss. I have been there, done that. What you need!! Just onion juice. You will have to bear the smell but the results will amaze you. To reduce the smell a little, and for extra benefits, you can mix in either oil or honey to onion juice and apply in roots with the help of a cotton ball. You have to keep this for at least 1/2 an hour and more if you can bear the smell. It will only benefit you. for the brave souls, keep it overnight ;). Shampoo and condition as usual as enjoy healthy, happy hair :).